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9 things to consider when starting your own music teaching business.

You are starting your own music business part-time or full time. Here are the few things you should consider before getting started: - Choose your Business Name Business name is the first thing your customers will link you with so choose one that represents you positively. You should come up with many names just in case your first choice is already taken. You should check with registration office locally, state or Trademark office just to avoid issues down the road.[...]

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  • 2018-12-10

Benefits of Subscriptions

As consumer buying habits are trending toward more simple and hassle-free experiences, more and more companies are jumping into the subscription space and seeing incredible growth. What is subscription? Subscription services are based on the idea of selling a service to receive monthly or yearly recurring revenue. The subscription owes its success to the optimal balance of value it provides to both the businesses and the customer. Benefits for Customers Convenience and Simplicity – Customers can set up the auto renewal for subscription and never have to remember to make a payment or schedule new appointments.[...]

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  • 2018-11-05

Where to find new customers

I had some customers that join DoTimely and ask how they can get more customers. I decided to write this blog providing them the information on it. As you are starting out your business or have an established business and looking to increase your customer base. You are always searching ways to reach more audience to grow your customer base. I have created this list for you to find your potential customers and grow your business.[...]

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  • 2018-10-04

5 Ways Scheduling Software Benefits Your Business

Building a successful small business is no easy feat. It means paying attention to every detail, hiring the right employees and team members, and creating branding that gets the attention of your target market. Using software that manages your day-to-day calendar means putting systems in place that help your business run like a well-oiled machine – even in your absence. Automated saves time and frustration for many small business owners.[...]

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  • 2018-09-10

6 things to consider when starting with a scheduling software

It is clear, customers today want a fantastic experience when they engage with your business. These tech savvy customers of yours want self-service, rich interactions, real conversations, and access to information from anywhere. They are willing to pay extra for this convenience. Are you ready to embark on the journey to start using a scheduling software and give your customers what they want? To ensure your success, here are 6 things you should consider.[...]

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  • 2018-08-10

How to be competitive in Pet Sitting/ Dog Walking industry?

Professional Pet Sitting/Dog Walking is a growing industry. Many new people are entering this industry year by year to live their dream of entrepreneurship and love for animals. The startup cost is low compared to boarding, grooming and training, hence the competition is increasing. The global pet care market is projected to reach sales of $110 billion in 2017, which is a major milestone for the industry. The industry has also grown a healthy 3% on average over the past five years, adding $14 billion in incremental growth.[...]

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  • 2018-06-12

9 steps to get started in pet sitting/Dog walking business

Many people are opening a pet sitting/ dog walking business to: design a career that has the flexibility to grow work toward financial independence experience the love and joy of working with pets Here are 9 steps that can help you get started for a successful business: Choose your Business Name Business name is the first thing your customers will link you with so choose one that represents you positively.[...]

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  • 2018-05-20

Do you have what your customers are looking for in 2018 pet sitter?

Time has changed. We live in an information age where most of us have a mini computer in our pocket. The estimated number of people owning a smartphone in 2018 in USA itself is 237.6 million, Canada is 25.32 million, UK is 48.52 million and Australia is 17.35 million per Your customers are used to booking hotels, flights, movies, restaurants and taxis right from their smart phones.[...]

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  • 2018-04-25

Benefits of using pet sitting/ dog walking software

“I can’t do everything, need more time to grow my business and quality free time to enjoy life outside work.” Does this sound familiar? If this is you, then you should explore how DoTimely can help you. I have talked to many business owners that want to start using a software to save time but don’t find time to try the software. You will have to break through this vicious cycle and take control of your life.[...]

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  • 2018-02-15

Pet Sitting Holiday Surcharges

Holidays are busy time for pet sitting and dog walking businesses. The demand goes up during holidays while the supply usually remains the same. Your customers will understand if you choose to charge extra for holidays. Here are some examples how some pet sitters are adding Holiday surcharges. Charging for the whole holiday period for instance starting from December 24th through January 2nd , Spring break and around Thanksgiving.[...]

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  • 2018-02-15

Automated Invoicing

Many businesses still use the traditional billing method of invoicing the customer at the end of each month. It’s a multi-step process, which is prone to errors. The typical steps businesses take are as below: Review all their appointments for the time period on the calendar Spend hours calculating and preparing invoices for each customer Send the invoice to the customer Track and follow up on payments[...]

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  • 2018-01-03

GPS Dog Walking App

Lot of new customers come and ask me this question I am not sure if I really need the GPS Tracking. So, I decided to capture my thoughts in this article. I am going to present 5 scenarios and let you decide if you really need it or not. Competitive advantage – Nowadays lot of national level companies in Dog Walking business are marketing their GPS tracking feature to the end users.[...]

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  • 2017-12-27

Things to consider when creating user policies for your business.

Things to consider when creating business policies Every business needs policies and procedures. As a business owner these are your guidelines to ensure consistency of your service and to help your employees and clients to learn about your business and understand, what is expected out of them. Below are some of the things you should consider when setting up your business policies and procedures. Initial client interview – What should the client expect during this process?[...]

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  • 2017-11-26

Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

Holiday season is fun and exciting time of the year. You are thinking of family, friends, get-together, food, gifts and decorations. But if you have a furry family member you need to take extra care of their safety around this season. Some of the things to watch out are: - Christmas tree as beautiful as it looks with all the hanging ornaments could be a great hazard to pets.[...]

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  • 2017-11-08

Holiday Marketing

When you own a pet care business, then the holiday season is more than a time to celebrate. It is the busiest time of the year as lot of pet owners who are travelling for holidays will need a pet boarding or a pet sitter. They also need some help while they are out shopping for their family members and friends. If you are thinking of taking benefit of this season, here are few tips to increase your business: -.[...]

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  • 2017-11-05

How packages work in DoTimely

Service Pack / Package A package is a collection of specific count of a service. For instance, if you have a service 15-minute Solo Walk,you can have a pack of 20 Solo Walks for 15 minutes. Usually packages are offered at a discounted rate than the individual purchased services. How do Packages work? A user with proper permissions can add a package for a customer. Once a package is added for a customer an invoice for the package purchase transaction is created.[...]

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  • 2017-10-25

6 Things to keep in mind for using messaging

Chat can be a great tool for enhancing customer experience but there are certain behaviors you should adopt and avoid to get the best results in customer satisfaction. Here are some of the best practices: - Chat has higher satisfaction rating compared to email and phone. Know Your customer / Personalize Each customer may have different style of communication. Rather than have one style try to adapt to the customers.[...]

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  • 2017-10-14

Benefits of messaging

We live in the era where customers are used to text messages and need for instant gratification. Messaging apps have over 5 billion monthly users worldwide. The chances that your customers are familiar with this communication channel and are using it is very high. Chat has higher satisfaction rating compared to email and phone. With this, rises the need of incorporating messaging for your business.[...]

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  • 2017-10-13

How messaging works in DoTimely

Business Owner Chat Business owner can do one to one chat with customer or staff member. The chat has all the key functions that you have come to expect from a modern messaging service. Some of the features specific to One to One chat are:- Allow users to track message delivery status Show message delivery time stamps Provision to display message read receipts Display the user’s online/offline status and “last seen at” time[...]

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  • 2017-10-10

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