Holiday Marketing


When you own a pet care business, then the holiday season is more than a time to celebrate. It is the busiest time of the year as lot of pet owners who are travelling for holidays will need a pet boarding or a pet sitter. They also need some help while they are out shopping for their family members and friends. If you are thinking of taking benefit of this season, here are few tips to increase your business: -.

  • Cross promote with other pet businesses

    You can always tie your marketing effort with another pet business to increase your customer base. For example, a customer hiring a pet photographer can get discount if they use your services and visa-versa. Remember to partner with the business whose customers you want to reach out too.

  • Offer discount

    You can offer referral discount to your current customers to be applied after holiday season. Offering a referral discount is a good way to market your business. You can also run a marketing campaign to offer discount to new customers. As you know many customers wait till the very end to make the reservations. You can also offer discount for holidays coming up early next year or for spring break. This will help you plan better if you need any additional help.

  • Update your blog

    You can update your blog to provide helpful tips to pet parents on taking care of their pets during holidays. This will help you build loyalty with your customers.

  • Send Holiday greeting and Gifts

    You can send a greeting card or craft an Holiday e-mail for your customers. Make sure the e-mail is addressed to your customer not a generic one. Don’t include any marketing tactics in the greeting, it is just a reminder to your customer for the services you have provided them this year.

    You can also include gifts for your human customers or their pets. One example could be of you or your friend can dress up like a Santa when you go for your Dog walking appointments and take a picture of the pet with Santa. You can also buy treats for the pets from Costco or online in bulk which will be more economical.

  • Get involved in the community

    Holiday is the time for sharing and giving. Many pet charities are doing fundraisers during this time. You can ask your customers to contribute to them. You can also volunteer for these events. This will help you to promote your business.

Plan ahead and make you Holiday season the best time for you and your business.

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