Free Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Software

DoTimely offers a great Free Pet sitting and Dog walking software solution to the industry. This solution just doesn’t include website scheduling, it also includes the state of the art mobile apps with optional GPS tracking. Below are some of the features that are available for free:

Free software and mobile apps.

Customer Information

DoTimely allows you to store all the customer and pet information in an organized manner and this information is accessible easily for all the appointments from the mobile app. Customers can keep this information up to date on their own. No more paper forms to fill and maintain.


DoTimely provides transparency, alerts and self-service, which greatly simplifies the schedule management. Customers can request their own appointments and look at the schedule to see their upcoming appointments and request changes or cancellations as needed via mobile apps or the website. The system can use this information to prepare invoices and show reports on how the business is doing. Email and push notifications alert the customers and staff when appointments are accepted, changed or cancelled so you do not need to manually communicate with everyone.
You can check this video on calendaring to learn how the calendaring works in DoTimely.

Appointment Tracking via Apps

Tracking appointments via the mobile apps allow you to send real time updates to the customers and allow you to add additional media such as photos for the appointments. You can do optional GPS tracking and share this information with your clients.



DoTimely has a messaging system in place which allows you to centralize all your business-related communication and also keeps you in loop about the conversation happening with your staff and customers. Messaging allows you to personalize your communication and fully express yourself using. This feature can be turned on or off for your business.
Learn more about chat here.

Client Policy

You can also create your own business policy to be signed by your customers when they schedule their appointment for the first time. All the history is maintained in the system and you can run a report to see who signed it and who didn’t.


If you offer your customer packages, then using DoTimely will allow you to track the package use easily out of the box. No need to manually reconcile and track the package balances.



Detailed reports and insights about your business are a click away. You do not need to manually create any reports to see how you are doing. All the data automatically gets updated as you are accepting, updating or cancelling appointments.

Leveraging a free dog walking and pet sitting app like DoTimely allows you to:

  • Simplify and automate your daily tasks so you can spend your time on other activities

  • Enhance client experience and the service provided

  • Quickly onboard new staff and employees

All this at no cost. Using DoTimely will take less time for you to get started than a system and processes created using a basic calendar and spread sheets. We only charge you if you use the invoicing and paystub feature. We don’t charge you for the number of employees (you can have as many part time employees as you want) but on how many invoices you generate. So, if you have less business one month compared to others, your cost will be less also.

Have fun discovering DoTimely!!

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