Get a smarter calendar to work for you.

Scheduling is the heart of your business and its time to move from the old painful process to smarter DoTimely scheduling. Your customers will love the convenience and your staff will appreciate it, saving you time and money. Oh and you can invoice and get paid with a click of a button!

Customers self service for appointments

Self Service

On average 70% of the appointment requests on our platform are created by customers. For the bigger businesses the average is 87%. Just imagine the time you add to your day that is gone in data entry and resolving communication errors. This is how you free up time. Allowing clients to request appointments and submitting change requests can simplify your workflow and you gain time.

Smarter Scheduling

Automatically route the customer service requests to their preferred staff or distribute to all or selected staff members. No more back and forth checking calendars as customers can create requests and staff can accept or let you know they can’t accept. You can take over whenever you want or just let it work out.

Forward Appointent Requests

Appointment Edit Notifications

Keep Everyone In The Know

Edit a single appointment or a repeating series easily and choose to notify the customers and staff members. Reduce errors with transparency and ensure everyone is on the same page. Customer or staff going on vacation, change in time, service, etc, handle all of these easily in DoTimely without making any notes on the side.

Make It Your Own

Easily create service time blocks if you do not want clients to select exact times or create service windows for each service to set the right expectations for clients on when a service will be delivered.

Time Slots

Package Tracking

Automatic Services Package Tracking

Improve your cash flow with packages (bundled services like 10 visits). Clients can easily purchase packages from the mobile apps or website and DoTimely automatically tracks their usage and expiry. Reminder email is sent automatically when the package is almost used. Say goodbye to the long time spent on keeping track off every single client package. Clients can view the balance also on their own. One less communication to handle.

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