Simplify how you do business

Everything from customer intake, scheduling to payments.

What is Pet Sitting software?

Pet Sitting software provides business owners and managers the tools they need to stay organized, save time and grow their business. The software helps manage their customer data, day to day schedule for their staff, manage invoices and collect payment. DoTimely helps to run your business from the office or out in the field. Stay in touch with your customers and staff with messages and real time notifications. DoTimely makes running your business a breeze.

Top features

  • Schedule and Dispatching
  • Invoices and Payment
  • Reports and Dashboard
  • Customer and Staff real time notifications
  • Customer Information Management
  • Customer Custom Prices
  • Customer Discounts
  • GPS Tracking
Mobile Schedule Apps

Easier Scheduling

Easily schedule recurring or one-time appointments with time windows. On average 70% of the appointment requests on our platform are created by customers. Just imagine the time you add to your day that is gone in data entry and resolving communication errors. This is how you free up time. Allowing clients to request appointments and submitting change requests can simplify your workflow and you gain time. DoTimely will keep the staff members in the loop.

Get paid faster with automated invoicing

No more hassle of reconciliation and tracking who has paid or not for your Pet Sitting Business. Automatically run the billing at intervals of your choosing. Collect payments with one click. The software that works for you.

Pet Sitting Invoices
Pet Sitting Reports

Know your business to grow your business

Be in the know and have all the relevant information at your fingertips whenever you want. All the key metrics are available in an easy to understand and accessible format. Dive deeper into more powerful reporting when you want. Client and staff portal to easily manage schedules, track invoices and payments.

Connect. Inform. Express. Delight.

DoTimely helps you to connect with your customers easily and naturally. You can fully express yourself and communicate using not only text but emojis. You are always a part of the communication between the staff and the customer.

Pet Sitting App Chat
Pet Sitting Integrations

Integrate with your favorite softwares

  • QUICKBOOKS and XERO - Accounting softwares for your business
  • MAILCHIMP - Manage your email campaigns with data analytics
  • STRIPE - Accept payments online from your customers

Questions about our software?

Pet Sitting software can help you to stay organized and save administrative management time. All your crew follow the same business process and this consistency help manage the customers easily. To your customers you look more professional with self-service, real time notifications and online payment options. As DoTimely is subscription free software, you pay as you use. There is no fee associated with number of employees you have. You can use this product to save time and gain more customers whether you are a team of one or more.
Yes! We do. Having a pet sitting business means you’re often on the go and need to run your business working in the field. With DoTimely app you can create new appointment, add a new customer, view customer profiles, view your schedule and communicate with your crew and customer.
Yes! You can schedule recurring appointments or one-time based on your business need. You can customize your recurring appointment – certain days, weekly, biweekly or monthly.
DoTimely offer essential package that is totally free. You can manage your customers and schedule using the app. We also offer Pro feature free trial up to 40 days.
Absolutely! The software is built upon the feedback received from the customers just like you. We also offer help documents and videos. Our customer support is there to help with any questions you have. We also offer demos on request.