Pets are family, we know.

We leverage the latest in pet care technology to provide you with accountability, transparency and convenient access to information.

Customer Benefit

Easy Access

Pet Owners can manage Fido's schedule and information easily from anywhere or at any time via the Mobile App or the Web Portal. Easy manage personal information, view past walk reports, manage future appointments and view invoice and payment details.


Pet Owners can request, edit or cancel appointments from the dog walking and pet sitting service providers via the web or mobile apps on DoTimely platform.


Get emails when the appointment starts and ends. View the detailed appointment report with time, duration, map of route and comments from the mobile or web. Get notified when your booking requests have been accepted or modified so you are always in the loop.

GPS Tracking

Once the service is complete take a look at the GPS coordinates of the route on the appointment report. You no longer need to wonder where or how long the walk lasted.

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Pictures are awesome! We know that you can't get enough of Fido. See pictures of Fido's fun adventure and rest assured that Fido is getting the best care.

Picture Reports

Seamless Security

We use Stripe to store and process credit cards. No sensitive data ever touches our servers. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.

Credit Card Security

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