Delight your customers

Offering a great customer experience is very important for any business to grow. Today's customer wants transparency and immediate fulfillment. With DoTimely you can provide them that and much more. They can request an appointment or change an appointment, view and pay invoice and update their profile information. They get a notification as soon as the appointment is completed.
  • In sync
  • Streamlined Communication
  • Self Service
  • Immediate Fulfillment
Customer expierence
Customer Payments

Profile Information

Let your customer maintain their information and you get updates when they make changes. You can create custom fields for information that is relevant to your business.

Client Profile
Client List
Request Change Appointment
Request Appointment

Streamline Communication

Let customer request an appointment, add notes or request changes to existing appointment. Streamline all your customer communication into one place and avoid the back and forth over emails and texts.

Reduce Unpaid Invoices

Customers can make payments from the moibile app or web portal and also add tips.

Invoices Add Tips
German App
Spanish App


Offer the mobile app in your customers language. We support Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Your Brand

You create your own custom page for customers to login or sign up to your account. We also offer custom mobile apps, please connect with support for more information.

Business Custom Page
Customer Notifications
Customer Chat

Notifications and Chat

Send notifications to customers for all key event such as appointment completion or appoitment confirmation messages via email, SMS or in app notification. Connect with customer using photos or videos using the in app chat.

Job Report

Provide an easily accessible end of job report which can include pictures, comments and GPS tracked maps.

Job Report
Customers Custom Prices

Custom Prices

Each customer can be unique the system allows you to automatically set custom prices for the customers. One more thing that is automcatically taken care off.