Mobile Apps for everyone

Mobile apps for customers, staff and account owners. Making it easier to manage the things on the go and increasing engagement and satisfaction.
App payment
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Client App

Requesting new appointments or changing existing one is easy for customers to do from the app. Moreover, they can manage their profile, view invoices and make payments all from the mobile app. They can also view the app in their own language.

App payment
Client Request Appointment
App Chat
Mobile Chat

Connect and Message

Customers and staff can connect easily via in app messaging and push notification. The account owner is automatically looped into the conversation. It’s easy to keep track of what is going on.

Push Notifications

Delight customers with push notifications as they get real time updates for the appointments. Staff also gets notified about any schedule changes via push notifications and the schedule gets updated in real time.

Customer Notification
Staff Appointment notification
GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Optionally do GPS tracking for your appointments to build trust with your customers and insure consistency of service. You can also offer GPS to selected customers only.

Access Relevant Information

Staff and clients not only have access to relevant information they can also update it right from the mobile app. Access to the right information helps the staff to provide quality and consistent service and it delights the customer with updates on the appointments.

Appointment Details
Appointment Details