Where to find new customers


I had some customers that join DoTimely and ask how they can get more customers. I decided to write this blog providing them the information on it. As you are starting out your business or have an established business and looking to increase your customer base. You are always searching ways to reach more audience to grow your customer base. I have created this list for you to find your potential customers and grow your business.

Online Presence

  • Your website – Have a professionally created website so your customers can find you online easily and learn about the services you offer.

  • Listing your website on multiple directories – This helps your website to be ranked higher by the search engines. You can list in directories like –, NAPPS and PSI offer member directories, www,,,

  • Writing Blogs – Blogs on your website helps with increasing the ranking of your website and also the content helps attract your potential customers. Try to be local so the relevant customers can find you and your content is able to be surfaced via search engines.

  • Google My business - Getting on Google My Business can increase your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic rankings in general. Login frequently to ensure your listing is showing the correct information.

  • Yelp – Setting up your business on Yelp and collecting positive reviews will definitely help you to get more customers.

  • Other social media – You can use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post online the photos and videos of the pets you care and they will likely share your posts with their friends to increase referral. This helps you to personalize and showcase your business.


  • Visit local Vet, kennels or pet stores – Form a good relation and leave your card or brochure at their location.

  • Lawn care or Maid services can also help spread the word by leaving your brochure at the potential customers that have pets.

  • Visit pet friendly apartments and see if any of your customers over their can recommend you to the Apartment manager to help market your business.

  • Humane society/Animal shelter – You can volunteer at the shelters and also offer free pet sitting/ dog walking to who adopts a pet from there.

  • Always wear your business T-shirt to raise awareness of your business.

  • Referral from your client is always the best way to make new customers.

  • You can partner with Realtors/Pet Concierge who can help you find new potential customers moving into your neighborhood.

  • Any local famous breeder can help spread the word to new Pet parents.


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