GPS Dog Walking App


Lot of new customers come and ask me this question I am not sure if I really need the GPS Tracking. So, I decided to capture my thoughts in this article. I am going to present 5 scenarios and let you decide if you really need it or not.

  1. Competitive advantage – Nowadays lot of national level companies in Dog Walking business are marketing their GPS tracking feature to the end users. They are using it to set themselves apart from other small businesses and competition. To stand neck to neck with with the competition and to win the customers you need the new technology features. For new businesses GPS can help develop a reputation and build credibility much more quickly. So even if it’s not something your existing customers are looking for, you need to keep your new customers in mind also.

  2. Customers ease of mind – I will tell you when I was looking for a Daycare for my kids, I compared teachers, facility and program. Finally, I was down to 2 daycares to decide from. One of the daycare had facility to watch your kids live in the class. I decided to go with them as it made me comfortable and provide peace of mind. After first couple of months I hardly used it as I knew my kids were in safe hands and were coming home happy. Similarly, as a Pet Parent who is hiring a Dog Walker first time it will give them ease of mind seeing where their baby was taken for a walk. As a Dog Walking business this feature can help you get the new customers and build their trust.

  3. Filling in for a day – Let’s say the usual dog walker is out sick and you have to send a substitute for a day. Knowing where the walker usually takes the dog for a walk will really help the substitute feel comfortable. Also, dogs are creature of habit and like to go to their usual route. It’s much easier to look at a map and explain the route as compared to communicating verbally.

  4. On boarding new employee – Tracking and onboarding new employees is much easier with technology. You can easily review the performance and correct any potential issues before they become a problem. This helps you to deliver consistent service to your clients even with newer staff.

  5. Issues with clients - There can be instances when clients question the service that was delivered. If you have GPS data, pictures, check in time and check out time, it’s easier to provide them data points and avoid any misunderstandings.

I would say you should make it clear with your employees why you are using the GPS feature. If they are dedicated employee then this should not bother them. Also ask yourself 20 years back when people were moving to data plans for mobile phone we have said I just need my phone to make the call and look where we are now. Once you use the new technology and start enjoying the benefits then there is no turning back. DoTimely offers a FREE Mobile app and you can turn on/off GPS tracking or just make it internal so the customers don’t have access to view it. You have complete freedom on how you choose to leverage the technology.


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