6 Things to keep in mind for using messaging


Chat can be a great tool for enhancing customer experience but there are certain behaviors you should adopt and avoid to get the best results in customer satisfaction. Here are some of the best practices: -

Chat has higher satisfaction rating compared to email and phone.

  • Know Your customer / Personalize

    Each customer may have different style of communication. Rather than have one style try to adapt to the customers. If they like formal to the point conversation keep it that way. If they like emoticons do reciprocate so as not to appear disengaged. For most situations let the customer initiate the chat first so that you know that they are using it and can assess their style.

  • Be Human

    Some customers are still getting use to the text-based conversation and if you are not careful in responding you may come off as cold and distant. You need to ensure you come as cheerful and polite person who is ready to help. Make a connection with them by using your real photo. Do try to take advantage of the other media (video, audio, photo, etc.) options you have. .

  • Clear and precise communication

    Read carefully what the customer is asking for before responding. It could be frustrating for the customer to ask for help and get a totally unrelated response. If you have multiple chats going on ensure you are responding to the right customer with your answer. Avoid typos and use proper spelling. Always proof read before responding back to your customer. Owners should review the chats every now and then to ensure their business is represented accurately.

  • Provide accurate information

    Never try to answer the customer in a haste and provide wrong information. If you don’t know the answer tell them you will get back to them. Never leave a customer with questions unanswered.

  • Set Clear Expectations

    Responding to your customer immediately is always your goal but it may not be always possible. Its best to set expectations for customers. Customers should know that an immediate response may not be possible as your staff may be busy with a service. Also make sure customers understand what are the chat operation hours. Setting clear expectations will help you to manage the quick nature of this communication channel without being overwhelming.

  • Train your staff

    You should cover the usage of chat and messaging with the staff. So, they are clear on what the operational hours are and do not feel pressured to respond in off hours or while on a service. For new staff members pay extra attention to their message content to ensure that it meets your expectations and standards.

By implementing these best practices in your company, we hope that you will be able to enjoy all the benefits messaging can offer.