How messaging works in DoTimely

Business Owner Chat

Business owner can do one to one chat with customer or staff member. The chat has all the key functions that you have come to expect from a modern messaging service. Some of the features specific to One to One chat are:-

  • Allow users to track message delivery status

  • Show message delivery time stamps

  • Provision to display message read receipts

  • Display the user’s online/offline status and “last seen at” time

one on one chat UI

Business owner will always be included in the group chat initiated by customer or staff member. They can go back and look at any past conversation. They can use chat cross-platform – desktop or mobile.

Desktop Experience

one on one chat UI

Click on the chat icon to open conversations. All the previous conversations will be available here. If you need to start a new conversation you can click on Start New button on the bottom of Conversations menu and search/select the person. This will open a new chat window.

Mobile Experience

one on one chat UI

On logging into DoTimely app the user will land on the appointment page. Here the user can click on any appointment. Once on My Appointments, they can select an appointment and on the appointment detail page there is a chat icon on the top right for iOS and bottom right for Android. If they click on this it will start the conversation with the customer.
They can always click on chat list at the bottom of the screen to see any previously initiated chats. Any user can send attachments in chat. Attachments could be pictures, videos or documents.

Staff and customer chat

Staff member or customer can initiate the chat from their mobile devices. If the staff member initates the chat they have the option to start a group chat with owner, customer and themselve or just the owner.
If the customer initiates the chat a group is automatically created between the customer, staff and the owner.
So all the conversation remain within the single domain of your work software and you have access to all the conversation to monitor them for compliance.