Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays


Holiday season is fun and exciting time of the year. You are thinking of family, friends, get-together, food, gifts and decorations. But if you have a furry family member you need to take extra care of their safety around this season. Some of the things to watch out are: -

  • Christmas tree as beautiful as it looks with all the hanging ornaments could be a great hazard to pets. Please use the tight-fitting tree skirt so your pet can’t access the tree-water. Also, if you use the chemical to keep the tree fresh, ensure it is pet safe. Hang any small or fragile ornaments at the top or try to avoid them. Clean the pine needles from the tree to avoid upset stomach of your pets.

  • The holiday plants like holly and mistletoe if eaten can cause sickness in pets so either use an artificial plant or keep them out of their reach.

  • It is best to keep your furry family on their regular diet. If you want to mix their food with other items please consult with your veterinarian if it is safe to do.

  • Lighting scented candles adds to the holiday spirit, but no one want any accident to happen to burn your house down. Keep them out of reach of pets or use electric candles instead.

  • With all the holiday parties and gift shopping it is very easy to miss a routine for your pet. Please be extra careful of their routine as pets don’t adopt to change very easily. Also ensure they don’t skip their regular Veterinarian appointments.

  • With all the parties and unfamiliar guests around your pet can feel stressed out. Keep them in a quiet room and give them a toy to play with so they stay distracted.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

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