Do you have what your customers are looking for in 2018 pet sitter?


Time has changed. We live in an information age where most of us have a mini computer in our pocket. The estimated number of people owning a smartphone in 2018 in USA itself is 237.6 million, Canada is 25.32 million, UK is 48.52 million and Australia is 17.35 million per

Your customers are used to booking hotels, flights, movies, restaurants and taxis right from their smart phones.

We are connected in real time and our customers are used to booking hotels, flights, movies, restaurants and taxis right from their smart devices. They have access to information when the taxi will reach them and when the open table will become available. They are used to personalization, real time interaction, access to information and transparency. They want the same things from pet sitters and dog walkers in 2018.

It’s a known fact that millennials are driving pet ownership and they are tech savvy. Even the boomer’s generation is used to online technology. Pet owners want to stay connected with their pets as much as they can with pet cams and GPS trackers.

connected expierence

These tech savvy potential customers of yours want self-service, rich interactions, real conversations, and access to information from anywhere. In the past few years, over $600 Million has been invested to capitalize on this change in the pet services industry. The big companies are using technology to take over this space. If you don’t use a software that can support today’s customer then you are losing business.

DoTimely can help provide your customers the self-service of booking appointment, viewing appointments, making payments and managing their profile. The customers get their pet reports as the service is completed and seeing their pet’s photos when they are at work or on vacation brings smile to their face. Customers feel comfortable their pets are safe in your hands. They can chat with you without leaving the system.

Customers have access to their and pet’s profile and can make updates. You don’t have to be in the middle of everything. Your customers are happy as they can request an appointment and edit any information per their time convenience.

Pet sitters and walkers can provide customers consistent service every single time as they have access to appointment details and conversations.

These features provide enhance customer service experience and shows you are up to date with the technology and this helps build trust with you and show your professionalism.

Stay up to date and give your customers what they are looking for in a pet service provider of 2018. Adding technology to this personalized service will give you growth and set you apart as leaders. So, what are you waiting for, come register at DoTimely for FREE. Get Started

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