Automated Invoicing


Many businesses still use the traditional billing method of invoicing the customer at the end of each month. It’s a multi-step process, which is prone to errors. The typical steps businesses take are as below:

  1. Review all their appointments for the time period on the calendar

  2. Spend hours calculating and preparing invoices for each customer

  3. Send the invoice to the customer

  4. Track and follow up on payments

If the customer forgets to make the payment then following up can take lot of time in checking constantly who made the payment and who didn’t. Does this process sound familiar?

Automation via software will help solve this problem and save a lot of time for you. For instance, in DoTimely, appointments can be added to invoices from the calendar for a single customer or all your customers with a few clicks. We make it fast and easy to send out invoices via e-mail and our reports help you track the status of each invoice. This will reduce your cost, save time and get you paid faster. Automatically creating invoices from your calendar makes dedicated solutions such as DoTimely more convienent than just Invoicing or Accounting solutions.

You can choose when you want to invoice your customers - right away, weekly or monthly, pre-pay or post completion. An e-mail is sent out to the customer with the invoice. Whatever approach you use make sure it is consistent so the customers know when to expect the invoices.

One click and you are paid.

Once you send the invoice you can choose to let the customer make the payments or you can run the payments on a fixed day. We recommend running the payments for the customers on a fixed day as this means no waiting for checks or running to bank to make deposits. One click and you are paid. Please note this will require your customers to have their credit cards saved in the system. Our system keeps the audit trail for your business in case you have to review any activity. Tracking invoices to show unpaid invoices is important for a small business. Our system ensures you have all the visibility you need for your business invoices.

DoTimely reduces misunderstandings and the need for any clarification communication with customers.

Additionally, no need to spend time figuring out what the customer owes you. You can select the date range for which you want to run your invoices and system will automatically pull all the appointments with their status for you. Sending out reminders to past due invoices also takes only a single click.

Finally, you do not need to look for the invoice template, worry about numbering and add line items one by one. The system will pull all the appointments into the invoice automatically for you to review. It provides you flexibility to make any needed edits before you finalize the invoice. You can also add weekend or holiday surcharge for the selected timeframe or offer discount as needed.

The linking of invoices to calendar makes the data more transparent for the customers as well. As they can verify the details themselves, this will reduce misunderstandings and the need for any clarification communication.

Your time is money. Less time spent invoicing means more time to spend managing other important areas of your business or more personal time.

With DoTimely invoicing you can avoid many of the delays to get paid faster, have better cash flow and more time and money to make your business grow.

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