Things you should know before starting your own pool cleaning business

When you are thinking of starting your own pool cleaning business, don’t just think about homeowners with backyard pools but also schools, gym clubs, community centers, hotels and apartment complexes. Where ever there is a pool your services will be needed.

The demand of the work will depend on the location especially the ones with warmer temperatures year around. Also, this work will require being outside and on the road most of your day. If you love outdoors then this is the business for you.

Now once you have decided you want to make sure the business is setup to start on the right foot. Some of the things to consider –

  1. Decide your Business Name

  2. Decide on Business Entity - sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, DBA and corporation

  3. Purchase Business Insurance

  4. Business License and Permits

  5. Build Business Website

How can I market my pool cleaning business?

Once you have done the basic steps to setup the business as stated above, you need to start thinking about marketing your business. You can promote your business locally by-passing flyers in your neighborhoods. You can visit hotels, clubs and apartments and offer them new customer discounts. You can also network with the local pool builders who can introduce you to these new accounts.

Now you do need to think about digital market also. Build your website and also create a listing on google business. This will make sure your business shows up in the local listing. You can also use Facebook and Instagram advertisement to market your services to potential new customers.

What services should I offer and how to increase my profit?

You can offer cleaning and maintenance services to residential or commercial pools. On average a pool cleaner makes $50 to $60 per cleaning appointment.

The commercial pools are generally larger in size and thus take more time to clean meaning more profits. Also due to high degree of their usage they need frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Your services may not just include maintaining during the swimming season but also getting the pool ready for the season, close down the pool when the weather gets cooler and cleaning up after a storm.

In addition to offering these services, you can increase your profit by branching into equipment repair services, order and install replacement parts of the pool filter and pump. With offering minor repairs and maintenance the profit could be increased to $150 to $200 per hour. On average, you can make a net income of between $75,000 and $85,000 each year.

What tools do I need for my pool cleaning business?

The necessary supplies that you need to run your pool cleaning business are:-

  • Water-testing kits

  • Skimmers and brushes

  • Leaf rakes

  • Pool cleaning chemicals

  • A vehicle large enough to transport your equipment

Do I need a Pool cleaning software?

Initially when you are getting started you may not feel the need to have a software. But quickly you will realize, being organized and automating your tasks will help you save time and save you from being burnout. A good software can help you manage your schedule, client information, invoices, and payments

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What skills do I need to get started with my Pool cleaning business?

To run a successful pool cleaning business, you don’t need a business degree but you do need some skills and experience. This experience could be cleaning and maintaining pools as a summer job. Knowledge of the equipment used and the cleaning strategies will definitely take you further. You can also do certification from Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification Program offered by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Should I buy an existing route or start my business from ground-up?

There are two options when you start your business and each has its pros and cons Buy existing route – will cost you tens and thousands of dollars but you are starting with an established business. You will start making money right away. You don’t have to think about finding your customers as all that is already done for you.

Starting your own business gives you complete control of finding your customer and building your own route. This path does come with lot of challenges as you are starting from scratch and you will need time to build your business where you start making profit. You will have to spend time marketing and growing your customer base.