6 things to consider when starting with a scheduling software


It is clear, customers today want a fantastic experience when they engage with your business. These tech savvy customers of yours want self-service, rich interactions, real conversations, and access to information from anywhere. They are willing to pay extra for this convenience.
Are you ready to embark on the journey to start using a scheduling software and give your customers what they want? To ensure your success, here are 6 things you should consider.

Customers want self-service, rich interactions, real conversations, and access to information from anywhere.

  1. Plan your move

    When you are implementing any new software, you have to have a clear plan in place. You need to set your deadlines and make it a priority. Set a go-live date when you will be fully using the software. Work your way back from the end goal to list all the steps you need to take.

  2. Make a commitment

    Change is never easy. The step where it seems hard, you need to stay put and committed to get through this. Work with the support team to get answers for your questions. Commit and follow through to get the benefits.

  3. Train yourself and your staff before onboarding your customers

    Scheduling software can get complex with so many features to offer. Ensure your setup is complete and your staff is fully trained before you decide to bring your customers on board. Good software will have a guide to help you get through the implementation. Go through the common scenarios first so you can understand how to do the daily operations first and then learn the more advanced features. Run a pilot with one or two clients to get familiar with the work flow.

  4. Communicate and Promote

    As the change is difficult for you so is for your customers. You will have customer with different level of technology savviness. Some may need more help than others. One of the most common reasons that companies fail when implementing a scheduling software is that they never promote it to their clients.
    Send mass email, add a post on Facebook, Tweet about it, put a book now button on Facebook and in your email signature line. Ask them to download the app for convenience. These will help you promote the new change to your customers. It is going to be great time saver for you so you need to ensure your customers start using it. The satisfaction level of your customers will also go up once they have access to a self-service system.

  5. Keep your processes simple and standardized

    Sometimes businesses have laid out complex processes as they are doing things using pen and paper. Often these processes may not scale well as you get more clients. Look into the benefit of the system and the recommended processes. These are the processes bigger operations are using to mange their growing business. You can leverage this within your business also to be more efficient and productive.

  6. Take security seriously

    Never share your login credentials with another person. Each staff member should have their own login credentials. Never print customer’s information if not required. With the mobile apps you should have access to customer information anywhere. Make sure everyone has access to only the relevant information required to do their job. A good system will allow you to manage the access level for different roles of users. Train the staff to be responsible on protecting the sensitive information.

Scheduling system have helped many, many businesses to grow. But there are also a good number of businesses that couldn’t effectively make the change as software implementation can be a lengthy process and requires your time and commitment. At Dotimely, the support team is always there to answer any questions you have. We have created implementation help documents that explains step by step process and many videos to make it easy for you. We wish you a great success in implementing this change that will help your business operations and growth. It will be a much easier to manage the business with the right system to support you.

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