5 Ways to offer discounts to your customers

We know every customer is unique to your business and that’s why you have to take care each of your customers need differently. You can offer different discounts for different scenarios so your customers are happy and your business keep growing.

Providing different discounts to your customers can helps you build a stronger relationship with your loyal customers; it also attracts new customers to your business. Offering discounts can surprisingly help you reach your revenue targets during a slow period like COVID-19.

You can also offer discounts to certain groups of people – such as elderly or those enlisted in the military or in the pandemic to the first line workers. This helps your business build reputation and also let you get involved and give-back to your community.

So, here are few discounts which you can offer to your customers to build relationship, revenue and grow your business

  1. Customer Discount - Customer Discount is defined under customer profile in % and is automatically applied when the invoice is created. If you want to make your new customer happy then you can use customer discount to define discount to an individual customer.

    For Example - You want to give a 5% discount for first 3 months to a new customer or offer discount to specific group of customers, you can use Customer Discount under the customer profile and this will be automatically applied every time you generate invoice for this customer.

    Customer Discount

  2. Custom Price - Custom price is defined under the customer profile with a fixed rate for a particular service. If you want to provide a special price to your loyal customers who have been with you from long time, you can use custom pricing, it’ll help you provide a different price to selected customers whereas other customers are charged standard price for the service.

    For Example - Let’s say you have $54 standard price for your service but you want few of your customers to pay $40 for the same. You can define custom price under their profile and DoTimely software will automatically take care of the rest while generating the invoices.

    Custom Price

  3. Customer Credits - Customer Credit is added under the invoices tab to provide extra credit to your customers when they refer someone to your business or if they have to cancel a paid appointment.You can record Customer Credit for a customer and this will be applied automatically to the next invoice generated for that customer.

    For Example - Let’s say you have added $50 credit to your customer’s account as a referral bonus. Then next time you generate an invoice for them, the system will automatically deduct $50 from their invoice total.

    Customer Credit

  4. Discount Template - You can provide discount to your customers based on services they book or invoice amount. You can apply discount template on the final invoice generated for your customers under invoices menu.

    Discount template can be based on the services or invoice amount generated.

    • Total Services - You’ll find an option to offer discount based on total number of services customers booked while generating the invoice. You can either provide fixed or percentage discount which will be applied automatically based on your invoice cycle which can be weekly or monthly

      Service Discount

    • Invoice Amount - You can provide discount to your customers based on the final invoice amount. Just define the invoice amount and decide if you want to provide a fixed or percentage discount. This will be applied automatically based on your invoice cycle which can be weekly, biweekly or monthly

      Invoice Discount

  5. Frequency Discount - Frequency Based Discount can be defined for each service. When you offer discount to your customers based on number of appointments, they book in a week based on a particular service you provide.

    For Example - Let say you $20 is standard price for your service but you want to charge $18 for a customer who book 3 appointments/week and $16 if someone books 6 appointments/week. This can be done using Frequency Based Discount under each service tab and will be applied automatically on final generate invoices based on the number of appointments booked by a customer.

    Frequency Discount

You can decide to use any one or combination to meet your business need. Sign-up here to grow your customer base and increase your sales.