Manage appointments with multiple staff members

Working in field services business like maid cleaning service, window cleaning, pooper scooper etc. you’ll know it’s not one person’s job and you’ll need a team in order to complete your customer’s appointment successfully, and get work done faster and more efficiently.

DoTimely now lets you create appointments with multiple staff member so you can save time as we take care of all the work of informing your staff members & customers about upcoming appointments. You can either use the mobile app or web to create an appointment and assign it to multiple staff members. Each staff member will receive an email along with the details of the appointment.

Team Appointment

Now, if you have an appointment that needs to be assigned to a single staff member, you can just select a single staff for that appointment.

You can assign a single appointment to multiple staff members in your team while accepting or adding an appointment. You'll find an option to enable multiple team options while setting up your business account or you can find the option under the business setting if you change your business requirement later.

Team Appointment

Staff members can start the appointment using the DoTimely mobile app, while starting an appointment for multiple assigned staff, one staff member can start and stop the appointment for everyone.

Team Appointment

You can always go back and edit the appointment and assign another staff member if your current assigned staff is on vacation or sick. You can also record the staff login & logout timing using DoTimely mobile app for your staff members and record payment for each staff by adding payout rates for the services.

Team Appointment

If you have ‘Tip Distribution’ setting in on for your account, the tips will be equally distributed to your staff members once an invoice is paid by the customer.

All of this and much more is automatically managed by the system so you can use this additional time to spend on things you love.

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