5 Ways Scheduling Software Benefits Your Business

Building a successful small business is no easy feat. It means paying attention to every detail, hiring the right employees and team members, and creating branding that gets the attention of your target market. Using software that manages your day-to-day calendar means putting systems in place that help your business run like a well-oiled machine – even in your absence. Automated saves time and frustration for many small business owners. That’s why so many SBOs rely on customer relationship management (CRM) software, social media schedulers, and other forms of scheduling software. These time management technologies allow you to implement better processes and implement time saving principles.

Pet care businesses have a distinct and well-defined need for ongoing schedule maintenance. If your business offers wellness services, pet grooming, short or long term kenneling, dog walking, or any other pet care service, scheduling is a big part of your operations and procedures. It’s a great way to scale your business, adopt better processes and grow your company. The pets, pet parents, and employees who depend on your company’s products and services will appreciate several aspects of your online scheduling process.

  1. Capture Client Details - Easily capture client details such as appointment time, length of appointment, email address, phone number, pet name, pet breed (where applicable), and requested services. You’ll enjoy an additional benefit – because each client enters their own details, misspellings become a rarity.

  2. Avoid Scheduling Snafus - You’ll virtually eliminate double booking and overbooking when clients set their own appointment times. You can check your employee's availability before you accept the appointment. If a client wants to request any changes then they do through the system and you can just review the updates and accepts it.

  3. Put Clients in The Driver’s Seat – Our software lets your clients easily choose their preferred time slots. You’ll do away with annoying back and forth email exchanges. You’ll also escape the dreaded circular frustration of repetitive phone calls simply to settle on an appointment time. Moreover, customers love to be able to manage their own schedules. It’s a win for everyone.

  4. Save Time AND Money - You’ll free yourself or your employees for more productive tasks and carve out more valuable time you can use marketing your business and increasing sales. Engaging with your target market means your business will grow and scale up at a much faster pace.

  5. Allow 24/7 Scheduling Capability – Because its virtual, online schedulers don’t create a cumbersome paper trail, limit appointments, or leave room for confusion. When your pet’s human has to speak to a member of your staff to book a service time, your money-making services are limited to your business hours.

  6. Relying on your personal calendar to run your business means you’re missing out on a variety of features your business can benefit from. At DoTimely, we understand that scheduling is at the heart of your business. Our multi-use software is easy to customize and label with your business branding. It also means you can create and send invoices and get paid with the click of a single button. DoTimely scheduling software helps your pet care business leave outdated appointment methods behind and leverage the power and ease of online scheduling.