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In the service-based business, you know how important it is for your customers to keep their appointments. But we all know life happens and sometimes the appointment needs to be canceled or need to be rescheduled. You want to provide tools to your customers so they can take action on their own without needing interaction with you. In DoTimely the customers can make a request to make changes to the existing appointment. The appointment is not updated until you accept the requested changes. Then with one click everything is updated and no more tracking needed on your side.

Canceled Appointment

Last minute cancelations are not good for your business. You are losing the spot where you could have served another customer or you still have to pay your staff. Either way you are losing revenue. That’s why a well-crafted cancelation policy is a must. You need to ensure your customers have read the cancelation policy and understand they will have to still pay if the cancelation is outside of your agreed window. In DoTimely you can create your client policy. This policy needs to be acknowledged by your customers before they are allowed to request the appointment. If they decide to cancel the appointment that is within your cancelation policy window then DoTimely does show your cancelation policy message so the customers know additional charges may be applied.

Now if last minute cancelation needs to happen then we offer you tools to manage them. DoTimely let you charge late cancelation fee to your client or add credit if client already paid for the service. Here are the few actions you can take based on the cancelation situation.

  • Charge for Service:You can charge your client for a canceled appointment if it's not paid already. You'll have an option to charge them the full or partial amount. You also have an option to record payment for your staff if they were on their way for the canceled appointment.

    Canceled Appointment

  • Add Credit:You can issue credits to your client who has canceled an invoiced appointment i.e; pre-paid appointment. These credits will be added as 'Customer Credits' under invoices and will be automatically applied to next appointment invoice.

    Canceled Appointment

  • Package/Subscription Appointment:If you offer package deals to your customers then you can also unlink package/subscription appointment from the edit appointment screen, this will renew the package balance by 1 for the client.

    Canceled Appointment

  • Reset Appointment:If you cancelled an appointment by mistake you can always go ahead and reset the canceled appointment by changing the appointment details.

    Canceled Appointment

We can’t control your clients canceled appointments but we definitely give you more power to make your own choice be it by charging late cancelation fee or adding customer credit so, you don’t lose any revenue or happy customers. Sign-up here to start your free trial.

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