How to increase your revenue by cross-selling and up-selling your cleaning services?

To achieve true business growth, you have to grow your customer base and retain your current customers. Cross-selling and upselling your cleaning services can be a powerful tool to make profit and grow your business. According to a Forrester analyst, research shows you can increase your customer retention by 5% and that you can increase your profits by 25% to 95%. Compared to if you use upselling and cross-selling, it can increase by 10% to 30% of your total business revenue.

Before you start up selling your services, you need to build trust with your customer so that they know you are not making those suggestions to make money, but to offer a great service that will save time and money. If the customer sees no value in the service that you are offering them then they will not accept it.

Another time to approach your customer could be when you have performed a great service or your customer is pleased with your services. This time they will be more open to listen to your suggestion.

Knowing your customer and what they are looking for is very important to understand to cross-sell and upsell. Your staff should be trained to understand them, recognize an opportunity, and have an understanding of the product and services you offer to add more value. Here are few ways you can offer additional services or products:

  1. Make your customer aware of other services you offer:You need to make sure that your costumer is aware of any additional services that you offer. So, if they are interested in them, they can think to use your service first. This could be done by, leaving a flyer mentioning all your services, or sending periodic emails with the list of services you offer. Another way is using a software like DoTimely which lists all the services available for your costumer.

  2. Remind your customer via email about the seasonal cleaning: You can remind your customers twice a year about any additional services they may need such as: refrigerator cleaning, window cleaning, hardwood waxing, grout cleaning and carpet cleaning. Sending emails every month and marketing one of your service is another approach. You can tie this with any event. For example, in summer, kids are at home and parents may need some help with cleaning.


  3. Convert your one-time customer to recurring customer: If you have a new customer, you should tell them they can do weekly, biweekly and monthly cleaning. This will add to your recurring revenue and you could be able to offer a better pricing to your customer. One-time cleaning is lot more work and is expensive for your customer. With recurring cleaning, you know the house will be cleaner to begin with and this will take less time to clean.

  4. Recommend additional service based on your observations: Previously mentioned, your staff should be always looking for additional opportunities to make suggestions when the time is right. For instance, if a customer has younger kids, they may want you to use organic products for cleaning. This will just add additional $20 to your service.

  5. Offering discounts and selling packages: Discounts and packages mean better prices for your customers. However, it could mean upfront cash in your pocket. For example, if your customer pays upfront for 6-cleaning services, you will get refrigerator cleaning free. This way you have better cash flow and your customer gets a great deal.

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  6. Save customers time and offer on the spot services: When you are at a customer’s house, you can mention the hardwood floor needs waxing and polishing. Your customer may agree to add that service right way. You are already at the home and can make additional revenue.

If you do a great job and keep your customer’s trust, then you can take advantage of these additional opportunities and grow your revenue.