Manage staff vacation and shift trades


Still relying on spreadsheets to manage your team's leave information?
Business owners face immense difficulties when it comes to managing their team right. Communicating with the team can be a very time-consuming process. Giving team members time off, finding a member for shift cover or filling an open shift can be a big challenge. The business has to be an expert in handling multiple time off requests without affecting its productivity. Managing it wrong could cripple the business badly affecting the efficiency and growth as well. The business can flourish well only if these time requests by team members are managed in an organized way.

Is your business also getting affected by this tedious task of time off management?
It’s time to give your leave tracking process a digital touch. Manage your team availability and Time off with confidence using Hub With Do Timely Hub the admin of a team can easily communicate with all the team members. The app allows team members to take easy time offs and for the admin to have a clear insight of the team members vacations taken.
The app has the feature of both time off and shift trade which ensures that the shifts are never left unfilled and that the team members get time for themselves whenever required. The admin can save their time and energy as the frustrating issues like dealing with last minute replacement and managing employee time off are easily managed by the app.

How it works:

  • Request Time off – The team members can easily make time off request using the app and the admin will be immediately notified about it. They will get to know when their request has been accepted by the admin.

  • Shift Cover Notification – The admin can notify the available and qualified team members about the task. The admin can send the request to multiple members at one click. The members can respond to the request. The admin can further decide the team member as per the role required for the task.

  • Shift Trading – Shift trading can be initiated by the team members. The admin can allow his team members to trade their shifts with each other ensuring that the task is completed efficiently.

  • Tracking History of Time off –The admin can track leave history of the team members and respond to the time off request accordingly.

Benefits of the app to business

  • Better team communication – The admin can give a direct response to the team member regarding the time off request. There is transparency in this process.

  • Successful Time-off management – The time-off can be effectively managed by the admin by continuous tracking and monitoring. The team members remain satisfied as well.

  • One platform, various tasks – Both the admin and team members can make use of various features on one single easy to use platform.

  • Constant notifications and alerts – The admin and team members can be ensured of never missing any crucial detail as they will get immediate notifications.

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