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*$0.25 for each Invoice under the amount of 100. $0.69 for each Invoice over the amount of 99. Max $500 per location
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Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Staff
Unlimited Appointments
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Why is DoTimely Free?

Our goal is to provide scheduling and communications tools to everyone to help better pet care delivery. Learn more here

What is my monthly cost?

DoTimely is priced based on usage, so your monthly cost can fluctuate. For instance if you have 100 clients with average invoice amount of $85 and you invoice monthly. Than your total invoice amount is 100 * 85 = $8,500 and your DoTimely service charge for the month will be 100 * 0.25 = $25. If in your next month 4 new clients join and the Invoice amount on average is $85 your revenue goes up by 4 * 85 = 340 and your cost will go up by 4 * 0.25 = $1. The pricing is aligned to scale with you.

Do you charge by per user?

We do not charge based on per staff. There are times when a staff member may be only in an admin role, working part time or for only a part of the month. Our pricing is aligned with you when you make money from your clients is when we make money.

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