How is DoTimely helping businesses during COVID-19 pandemic

DoTimely provides businesses the tools to run their business efficiently and makes management easier. Our core philosophy is we make money when our clients make money. With the COVID-19 pandemic many service industry businesses have come to screeching halt. People staying at home and maintaining social distancing do not need services they normally relied on. This has had a severe negative impact on the service businesses. The fixed costs such as salaries, software fees and rent payments are still incurred whereas the revenue is shrinking. Our model has always been that we succeed when our customers succeed. You can continue to use DoTimely without worry as it does not add to your fixed costs.

Many businesses are trying to provide services remotely but this solution does not work for everyone. The big challenge with service businesses unlike physical goods is that a service not taken is lost forever and that demand cannot be pulled forward or pushed out. The businesses should plan for reduced revenue for the year as the service revenue is lost but you should focus on how to pull forward some of the cash flow so you can keep meeting your fixed costs. One way to do this is via selling packages (read how packages work in DoTimely) and gift cards to the customers. Cash now can help you to sustain the business until things get back to normal.

Most of the people are looking for ways to help local businesses during this crisis. You can send email to your customers or post on social media that you are selling packages and gift cards that can be used at later date.

We are doing our part helping the bussinesses in this crisis.

While all this is going on. We want to let you know we do offer free plan to manage your appointments and customers using web portal or app. We also offer no minimum payment plan and we only make money when you do. The charge is not based on number of staff but on the number of invoices you create. You can create invoices – daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly based on your business needs. So, if you have very few appointments scheduled during this time, then you can have peace of mind you are not paying lot of money for your software subscription. Once the situation improves in a month or 2 and we do believe it will then you can pick it right from there.

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